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A Game of Beasts, Blood and Magic.


Astraria is a tabletop role-playing game created using the System Reference Document 5.1 (SRD5) and is released in compliance of the Open Game License. Unless a system or mechanic introduced specifies otherwise, at the GM's discretion play should follow the systems and rules as set out in the SRD5. All included documentation is  entirely black & white to make it printer friendly for those who wish to download and print any of the materials.

Astraria introduces:

  • A New Custom Setting
  • New Lore and History
  • New Skills
  • New Classes & Features
  • New Items, Armour and Weapons
  • New Systems, Mechanics & Rules
  • New Monsters


Included in this game are the following

  • Game Handbook
  • Character Sheet
  • Bestiary
  • Book of Botany
  • Continent Map
  • Local Map


Astraria is a fantasy kingdom only a century old, built by those that escaped across the ocean from a ruinous civil war. Since it's founding Astraria has developed and grown to the point that it's borders are starting to expand past the natural barriers that had originally defined them, leading to increased interaction with the myserious Elves that live in the great forest to the west, the reclusive Dwarves that hide in the mountains to the east, and the territorial Giilesh that hunt in the deserts to the south. Explore these borders and new lands, interact with these peoples and fight new monsters as you play.

Mana is the physical source of all magic and is also used in industry for it burns hotter than any other type of fuel, however Mana can only be distilled by the blood of the magical monsters that roam Astraria. Parties of adventurers often band together to lead hunts and collect bounties for these monsters Lead hunt against these creatures, but not all return. Collect Mana and perhaps perform feats of magic as you play.


Whilst alot of work has already been put into Astraria, it is still being developed and there are likely spelling errors, issues with balancing and further work needed on the introduced mechanics. 

Feedback is welcomed and if you've enjoyed Astraria I ask that you leave a rating reflecting that to help others discover this project.

You can find me on twitter @JustAFatYeti

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