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A Game of Celtic Revolt

Created by Richard Davis & Oscar Roberts for Dice Jam Winter 2021.

Less than a century after the expedition led by Julius Caesar In 55-54 BC to Britain, in 43 AD Aulus Plautius invaded. In the following years, the Romans carried out a number of campaigns against the native Celtic tribes and founded several settlements, starting their colonisation of Britain.

In 60-61 AD, while the Roman governor Gaius Suetonius Paulinus leads a campaign on the island of Mona to massacre the Druids who call the island home and burn their sacred groves, Boudica leads her tribe the Iceni, the Trinovantes, and other tribes of Celts in an uprising against the Romans. Camulodunum, a Roman town that had once been the capital of the Trinovantes, is their first target.

Play as the Iceni, Druids or Romans in this quick and simple TTRPG.

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